Notorious Designer Masks by Nicky

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Notorious Masks by Nicky! Look cool, even during Lockdown Schmockdown 2020! You can order online and we will deliver in CT area. Or we will post to you!

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Notorious Designer Masks by Nicky

Notorious Designer Masks: Once upon a time in the land of the fabric box, lay a lot of what some might call – “off cuts” these pieces of fabric were not big enough to become anything great so instead they just sat closed up in a claustrophobic plastic box – looking out at a world that they could see but no longer feel.

Notorious Masks by NickyNotorious Masks by Nicky FOR KIDSLook cool, even in Lockdown Schmockdown 2020!Notorious Designer Masks by Nicky

In the past they had great potential, they were selected for their beauty, their texture and their ability be something. Some of them had been purchased for things that they never became. When their owner became a mom she decided to make pretty feeding bib cover’s with them but it seemed that this new infant Troy consumed too much of her time so they sat there getting dusty and grew wrinkled over time. They spoke with the big blue piece of fabric that explained he was meant to be part of a curtain and bedding set that their owner made but he never quite made the cut – he was now cast aside as an “off-cut”. Other fabrics mentioned that they were waiting to become running peak caps another mentioned she was part of a gorgeous dress that had been made for a summers outing. Every day that passed they watched as Nicola grabbed her briefcase and walked past them and out the door. On days that she was home, if she was not playing with her son, she would tease them by leaning over them to get her running shoes.

However, this last month had been somewhat different, she had not gone out. She started doing something rather peculiar and out of character. She cleaned the cupboards, whilst she was doing this she sang songs, she then took out some of her outfits that had been made by our friends and she spoke and sang to a computer with many voices all by herself on her birthday whilst drinking a glass of Gin and tonic.

For four more weeks, she never went anywhere, she read books, she painted pictures, she meditated, she played endlessly with her child… but there came a time when she grew tired and restless. She walked straight up to our box, opened the top and started caressing us one by one holding us up and smiling.

After all that time that we were closed up in the box, we had lost confidence in our abilities and became despondent. We were cut, stitched and ironed lovingly by our owner whilst she sat on her late grannies chair and used her other grannies sewing machine and transformed us into something more special than any running peak, evening dress or bedding and curtain set… we became face masks! We were ordered to serve and protect and were given new families, some of us went to singles, others to couples and the smaller ones went to kids.
These were not just strangers but people that knew our owner and kids that had played with her little son Troy. We were told to cover their mouths with kisses and take pride in being in their company as this was a great privilege. We may not be perfect but we got to be the best versions of ourselves!

“Thank you to all my friends that have helped my pieces of fabric become something great and thank you for supporting me in the only work I can do at present.”

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